Tradition meets innovation

Lungmuß Feuerfest was founded by Hans Lungmuß on 1 February 1958. It is still a family-run company, now in the third generation. As the owners are closely involved in managing the business, quick decision-making and a high level of flexibility are guaranteed.

Starting from the initial plant in the Dortmund harbour area, the production has been continuously expanded. A second production plant was established right next to it in 1971. Most of the refractory products are manufactured here. The manufacture of prefabricated parts started in 2007. Since 2015, after a large plant extension, this production line carries on in a new production plant with a significantly increased capacity.

Lungmuss unternehmen

From a strong local orientation at the beginning of its existence, Lungmuß Feuerfest has now developed into a global supplier. Although the export share is more than 50%, the German market is still the basis for technical enhancements.


Foundation of the Chemikalien-Gesellschaft by Hans Lungmuß

Start of production in Dortmund, Franziusstrasse 84 (plant 1); Initially, mainly production of magnesite gunning compounds for steel works, for open-hearth-furnaces (Siemens-Martin furnaces) in particular

1958 1


For the first time, lining of a blast furnace runner in Germany

with a synthetic ramming compound at the Hoesch Stahl AG by Lungmuß Feuerfest

1966 1


First trials with Lungmuß taphole clays for blast furnaces

1970 1


Plant 2

Acquisition of further company premises in Dortmund

1971 4


Start of the fabrication of taphole clays

on Germany’s state-of-the-art production line at that time; for the first time, single packaging in shrink-wrapped pieces.

1973 3


Tar-free and pitch-free taphole clays

First company in Germany that developed tar-free and pitch-free taphole clays

1981 2


Production on four mixing lines

Three plants in Sudkamp and one in Franziusstrasse

1988 1


Lungmuß Ladle Lining System

Development of Lungmuß Ladle Lining System for an optimised lining and use of monolithic ladles

1993 1


Building of a new laboratory building

1996 1


Expansion of the headquarters

1999 1


Development of a refractory concept for foundries

2002 1


Building a new production line for taphole clays

2003 3


New production line

Building a new production line for carbonic castables, gunning and ramming compounds

2005 1


Plant 3

Start-up of a new plant for the production of refractory prefabricated parts

2007 2


Taphole clays

Construction of a second production line for the fabrication of taphole clays

2008 3


Lungmuß Feuerfest Tschechien

Foundation of the subsidiary, Lungmuß Feuerfest Tschechien s. r. o., in Brno/Czech Republic

2008 cz 2


Plant extension

and building of a new warehouse

2012 1


Further expansion of the headquarters

2013 1


+ 10,000 sqm / New plant 3

Expansion of the company premises by 10,000 sqm; construction of a new plant for refractory prefabricated components and steel construction

2015 1


+ 9,000 sqm

Further expansion of the operating area

2017 1


Administration extension

Construction of a three-story office building

Lungmuss G