Prefabricated parts

In the prefabrication department components with a weight up to 20 tons are casted and dried in accordance with the customers’ specifications. Utmost attention is given to the technical precision, as well as optimal handling and drying procedure.

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Lungmuß Feuerfest is always prepared to offer its expertise in order to ensure the ultimate use of prefabricated parts at the customer’s facility. The engineering department provides technical concepts and develops optimised solutions for various refractory applications.

The main goals of this process are the reduction of the lining and drying times as well as the improvement of durability through an optimal material composition.

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The in-house steel construction department is able to produce steel, plastic and wooden templates within a very short time. This ensures a high level of flexibility even in the engineering phase and leads to a quick and easy implementation of the projects.

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Together with the proven qualities of the processed materials, an optimal, tailor-made solution can be developed for every application, which significantly exceeds the durability of refractory linings compared to conventional ones, taking into account the customers' wishes regarding the cost efficiency and a high level of availability of the systems.

By designing and manufacturing tailor-made prefabricated components, which can be used immediately after drying, Lungmuß Feuerfest makes an important contribution to increasing system availability and reducing downtimes for its customers.