For many years, Lungmuß Feuerfest has been an innovative partner for the aluminium industry. The products developed for these specific applications meet high customer requirements for modern refractory products in terms of stability, costs and efficiency.

The aluminium industry portfolio comprises unformed refractory products (castables, ramming and gunning compounds) for:

  • Electrolytic cells
  • Melting furnaces (hearth type melting furnaces, tank melting furnaces, shaft melting furnaces)
  • Coreless induction furnaces, channel induction furnaces and inductors
  • Holding furnaces
  • Inductors
  • Casting furnaces
  • Ladles and crucibles (also prefabricated crucibles)
  • Runners
  • Road and transport crucibles

In addition, Lungmuß Feuerfest offers:

  • Complete lining and drying monitoring on-site by deploying its own service technicians
  • Individual insulation and lining concepts for optimised energy balance and casting quality
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Full service for vessels and furnaces

The increase of plant availabilities by reducing shutdown times is becoming more and more important in the aluminium industry. We can make a significant contribution to this with our full service for vessels and furnaces. Significant technical, organisational and commercial improvements can be achieved.

We offer the optimal lining and the homogeneous, complete drying of foundry aggregates, which are used for the transport, holding and casting of aluminium, such as:

  • Road and transport crucibles
  • Ladles of all types
  • Low-pressure die casting furnaces
  • Dosing furnaces

Our services can be adapted individually to customer requirements and consist of:

  • Engineering: insulation concept, heat transfer evaluation, selection of the appropriate insulation and refractory materials
  • Breakout and disposal of worn-out refractory material
  • UVV check
  • Template construction in the in-house steel construction department
  • Installation of insulation and refractory material
  • Optimal drying: delivery of a ready-to-use vessels (during commissioning, significantly reduced hydrogen absorption)
  • Storage of the ready-to-use aggregate
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Advantages for our customers:

  • Reduction of administration tasks thanks to full service from one source
  • Elimination of storage costs for lining material
  • No refractory construction area in the foundry which might disturb the production
  • Prevention of job safety risks by assignment of outside companies in the foundry
  • No contamination due to lining works in the foundry
  • Elimination of lining and drying times
  • Saving of energy costs incurred for drying
  • Increase in service life
  • Increase in the plant availability
  • Increase in the plant efficiency
  • Reduction in time during commissioning (hydrogen absorption)
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Prefabricated parts

In the production department for prefabricated parts, Lungmuß Feuerfest develops tailor-made components, such as:

  • Prefabricated crucibles
  • Steel runners
  • Runner segments
  • Spouts
  • Impact pads and ladle bottoms
  • Gating systems